I am not able to sleep tonight! I hate when it happens :( 

Hi! You probably do not know, but you have fans in other countries. For example, in Russia. You've heard of such a country? Your appearance is very unusual for residents of Russia, you are very beautiful and unusual. (Translated by "Googletranslate")

Thank you very much! :D

Это заставило меня улыбнуться. Это сообщение очень добрый. 

Hi everyone! I am a bit sick recently because of a lack of appetite. My need to sleep and outgoingness decreased as well. So i just wanted to prevent you that i will try to recover more than posting pictures, so no need to worry if i sometimes disappear for a moment. I hope that all of you is heatlhy!

I am sleeping so much but I always feel tired. Why?

Everyone cares when it’s too late.

Do you still remember the Royal Dansk cookie container that your parents used to store the most useless things inside?

Hey, Frank~ since you like Pokemon games. What do you think about the latest Pokemon X and Y? <<game nerd question alert--I know. =_=;

I finished it already!!! I bought Y with the starter Froakie ^_^ I personally think that beside the Yellow version, this is the best one I ever tried! I never really follow the storyline, but the graphics are well made, there’s a lot of pokémon in this version ( I catched 294 pokemon so far and about 360 are registered in my pokedex ). *spoiler* you can choose 2 starters ( kalos and kanto ) during the game and they give you a second kalos starter after the elite four. Unfortunately, I spent too much time on it and finished it in 43 hours.